Getting started with The-M-Project

How to install and use The-M-Project, basic tutorials and templates for building a native app.

The-M-Project Absinthe release roadmap

The-M-Project release roadmap defines what we strive to achieve, and our plans to reach these goals.

The-M-Project v.2.0 beta 2

  • MenuView
  • SideMenu
  • Themes for Android and iOS
  • MenuLayout
  • Touchable ToggleSwitch

The-M-Project v.2.0 RC1

  • Scaffold for MenuLayout
  • Feedback from the Community
  • Complete documentation
  • Tutorials
  • More Samples
  • Test coverage (more than 90%)

The-M-Project v.2.0

  • Final release (Q1 2014)

Future plans v2.x

  • Full support for Windows
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Extending Bikini
  • A lot more to come